How to Make AlignOrientation Look At a Target Object?

I’m currently creating a game involving a homing missile. The missile is supposed to smoothly follow and look at the target player that it’s chasing, for this I’m using AlignPosition. Next, I needed a way to make this homing missile actually look at the target player. The problem is, neither BodyGyro (which I had been originally using before I decided to rework the system) or CFrame work when using AlignPosition as it overrides both of them, and I’ve had issues with major lag while using BodyVelocity or CFrame as movers since they require constant updating which can take up memory, so I’d like to continue trying to use these new constraints.

I experimented for a while using AlignOrientation (which is probably going to end up being the solution), but the orientation of the host object just wouldn’t align properly to actually look at the target. It just locked the orientation instead. I can’t really find a post on the forum about this particular topic or requirements, so at this point, I do not know what to do.

If anybody can help with better understanding how AlignOrientation works and how I could possibly use it for what I need in this situation (or if it’s even possible), please let me know. Thanks!

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try missle.CFrame = CFrame.lookAt(missle.Position, target.Position)

Read the original post, I said I could not use CFrame as I wanted to continue using constraints. The AlignOrientation if possible, I just do not know how.

Means CFrame of align rotation. So AlignRotation.CFrame =, endPos) is the solution.

Try setting the AlignOrientation to one attachment, and then set the CFrame of it to the player in your script.