How to make all workspace sound effects disabled while the player is in a menu?

In my game the main menu is a view of the map from far away, and the only sound that appears is a simple ambience sound.

But for a brief moment of time before the menu loads, the player’s character and camera are right next to some waterfalls (where the spawn point is) and this means that they can be heard briefly right when the player joins.

Is there a way to disable sounds in the workspace for the player or to automatically move the camera immediately, so this doesn’t occur?

I tried looping through the descendants of the workspace but I know that this isn’t performance-friendly and it enabled some sounds afterwards that weren’t meant to be (like the oof sound)

I also tried changing the CFrame of the camera when the player joins but the script doesn’t run in time, even with PlayerAdded

You would need to assign each sound type to a distinct Sound Group so you can disable that group from playing, or lower the volume when in the GUI.

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