How to make alpha bush textures without making them double sided

I have this bush here and Im happy with how it looks. However I had to make it double sided otherwise half of the bush is not visible if you look at it at a particular angle.

Is it normal to make stuff like this double sided?
if not how do I go around this?

Combined double-sided textures are commonly used when you need to generate or spawn a whole lot of them, the most common place where this approach is used are flight simulators, since to get realistic scenery you’ll need to make thousands of bushes and trees and making them super detailed won’t be a great idea. If you have a small map, and these bushes are very noticeable, you should perhaps consider making these bushes slightly more realistic, by using meshes and a texture maybe.

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Hi, yes my map will be large and the area in which the player will be, will be surrounded by scenery. I have streaming enabled though so Im not sure

If you’re gonna have a ton of these bushes then it’s a good practice to make bushes with double-sided textures like you did. You can simplify this even more by just making 2 perpendicular textures (trees use this more often), when moving really fast, or far away from the bushes, they will look quite acceptable.

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Alright, If there will be thousands of these bushes in my map how much tris should i aim for each?

If you’re gonna have thousands I recommend using the two perpendicular textures method I told about earlier. It will reduce hundreds of thousands of parts to around 2000. About the triangle count, not sure, but try to aim for as little while still keeping the bushes nice-looking.

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