How to make an amazing low poly tree

Hello Roblox Developers! This is my first community tutorial so hopefully I won’t make mistake! I am going to show you how to make an amazing low-poly tree in Blender (2.9).

First, open Blender blenderlogo . If you don’t have it, download it here.

(Now for this tutorial, you might need to know some basics for example if I said switch to edit mode you would need to know how to do that.)

Switch to edit mode!

Do alt+Z to enable x-ray mode.

Delete all vertices but 1 so it should look like this:

See that vertex? :up:

Now click on the vertex and add a skin modifier and a subdivision-surface modifier.

Got this? correct

Ok, Extrude up by pressing e followed by z and drag your mouse up to a “tree like” height. Good for starters, but tree trunks are not normally this straight! Grab to top vertex by clicking on it and pressing G. Then, move your mouse where you’d like to drag it. Then on the top vertex, extrude in the right direction to make 3 branches, all different lengths.

good tree

Now, add branches on the branches.
ctrl+R to add another vertex, and then extrude from that to make it, then grab to your style!

double branches
It should look something like this.

Do that do different ways on all 3 branches.

You should have something like this:

The tree needs to be a little more uneven; add an extra vertex in the middle of the trunk then drag that out with G!

better trunk

Do that to all of the branches! No tree is perfect! :no_entry_sign: :deciduous_tree:

Make the bottom of the trunk bigger by clicking the bottom vertex and pressing ctrl+a to scale it up. Drag out your mouse, and click when your done.

WAIT! That is effecting too much of the trunk! Add another vertex above the bottom one and scale that down a bit.

Good, but branches are thinner than this! Scale down the tips and core of the branches by using the same method as before.

Look! Are tree is coming along nicely! Okay so now we are going to export the tree with no leaves onto a baseplate in roblox studio. Just create a baseplate now.

On blender, export the model as .FBX and name it something.

In studio, delete the spawn and insert a meshpart. Go into the meshpart’s properties, and next to MeshId, choose the folder and select the tree. Here we are. If it’s big, scale it down evenly by holding shift while scaling.

Now in blender, switch to object mode.

press A, and the delete key or X.

Now that your viewport is empty, add an ico-sphere by using SHIFT+A > MESH > ICO-SPHERE. click on the ico-sphere.

In Edit mode, click on mesh and transform and then randomize. Pretty random leaf! Get that into roblox studio and then put the leaves on the tree. Scale then a bit also cause no leaf is perfect! :no_entry_sign: :leafy_green: Colour it, and drag the tree slightly into the ground like it is planted.

DONE! Well done everyone! Take a look at the finishing product!

Share what you made in the comments, or to privately show me your result, or ask questions, DM me on the Devforum. THANK YOU EVERYONE!


To be honest, Perfect tutorial, I’m even a scripter and not a builder or modeler and won’t plan to be a builder, But as a scripter, I got impressed by your tutorial, Keep going.


Thank you for your positive feedback! Have you attempted it yet?

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No, But I trust in you, Even you took a screenshot while you was doing every single step in blender, And the low poly tree looks cool.

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Amazing Tree. Yes. True. Cool Tree Yes.

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Did you follow the tutorial or not?

I was just saying the tree looked cool lol. I just found this in my recommendations.

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Made these two :slight_smile: Thanks for the tutorial! First time.

Progress after a Day learning Blender:


Congrats on your accomplishment. DM me if you have any questions about the tutorial!

Have a great day! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I just say thanks to you, because this easy tutorial I started on Blender, now I can even make my own Tables, Rocks, Sticks, Bushes, and even a Hammer :slight_smile:


Your very welcome! Please leave any suggestions if you want to!


my first time trying to make trees lol


:clap: :clap: :clap: i forgot i made this tutorial but great job