How To Make an Area Glitch Proof?

I’m making a VIP only door, are there any methods to make it safe? (make it so players can’t somehow get through the wall via glitching, exploiting a bug, etc?)

Other than fixing the glitching through walls/doors the only way I can think of is making a part that covers inside the vip room and using Region3 to check if there are any players that don’t own the vip gamepass, if they don’t own it you can just teleport them out.


You could create an invisible part inside of the VIP room, which is normally solid. If a player has VIP, you could then set their character’s collision group to one which allows them to enter the invisible part.


I would do this, and my anti-noclip script would work with it to kill a player that is not in the VIP collision group and is inside of the part (using :FindPartsInRegion3WithIgnoreList() and :CanCollideWith() to check). This is to prevent exploiters from getting free access to the VIP-only area.

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