How to make an character levitate

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This wont actually do anything in my code since its just gonna use some body position things etc. but what i want is to try maybe make this levitation feature in my flying system if you want to know the code then check this post below!

This also uses body position stuff but i don’t really know how to make it actually levitate maybe? Animations but that would make me more efforts but i would like to know if there is anyway to use BodyPosition with an Existing BodyForce and BodyGyro with the first topic i included fused and work together i would like some examples too!

so is there actually no way to do this other then animations?

You can potentially use Humanoid.HipHeight. Just make this value higher and the Character should levitate higher

but it levitates them higher not up and down levitation ill just try to fix this if i can

Perhaps you can add a script in the character script that changes the character’s hip height using RunService. In the script, you can make a loop that would change the hip hight from a higher value to a lower value to give your levitation effect.

Can’t you just use a BodyVelocity?