How to make an elevation part

Hello I am trying to make a part in Roblox studio that makes the player float upwards whenever they are inside of the part. I’ve looked everywhere but I cant figure it out

Here’s a video of the affect I’m trying to get.

I would also like the option to make the part push you sideways so i can also put it in a river to simulate currents, or even wind.
Mainly I want it to have a UFO beam affect on players.


Hello augustiny!

Here is the JToH creation kit which includes the elevator part: JToH creation Kit (it’s uploaded by an admin of the game)
Please let me know if you have any problems!

You could try making an invisible brick that the player jumps through causing their gravity to be set to 0, and then another one at the end of the jump that sets it back to 196.2. idk

Try to utilise body velocity maybe?

Thank you for the model that will be helpful in the future, but the elevator part doesn’t seem to work.

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The elevator needs the rest of the kit to work and it also needs to be in the ClientSidedObjects folder. You also need to put these scripts in their respective locations otherwise most of the objects won’t work.

DamageEvent(script) and CollisonGroups goes in ServerScriptService

DamageEvent(RemoteEvent) goes in ReplicatedStorage

TouchScript goes in StarterCharacterScripts

LocalPartScript goes in StarterPlayerScripts

EffectGUI goes in StarterGUI (now required for keys)

If you have any more problems or need further help, feel free to message me! :smiley:

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Thank you so much it worked. To make it simpler for others take this model I made from the kit.