How to make an erased time effect

Hello, I have been working on a game recently, and I would like to add a visual effect to it similar to the one visible in those pictures. As you can see there is a green and blue semi-transparent
effect around the characters in the pictures which I would like to recreate in my game. I have tried to look for other posts covering the same topic, but I could not even find information regarding what this visual effect/filter is even called.
I have tried to achieve this by duplicating parts and meshes and making them semi-transparent
but that doesn’t look good at all, I have also tried using viewports but even after researching about them they were a bit too complex for me so I couldn’t recreate the effect using them either. If anyone happens to know how I might be able to achieve this visual effect in roblox or at least happens to know how it is called the help would be greatly appreciated.


I think you could use particle effects with a gradient colour and then maybe use drag or wind to slow it down for that aura effect?

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Thank very much for the reply, but unfortunately the particles would only work for parts and meshes with more round shape while what I need is for the green and blue effect to be able to cover more complex shapes.

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Is the name of that called aura? If yes, as tz_ow said, you can use a particle effect, i don’t know how to make a particle effect based aura, but just search in the toolbox and try understanding idk.

Edit: Oh, nevermind, that’s not what your looking for. I don’t know what’s this called, but i think it’s called like, glitch effect, idk.

You could create clones of the parts you want to make the effect on, setting their transparency and color to match the effect you want. If you need them to eventually “catch up” to the part they were created from, just have them set to move towards that part with damping.

Hello again thank you all for checking out my post, today I managed to find a way to create this effect by using three different viewports with a different Zindex but I still don’t really know how to script it so that it is constantly displayed on my character as a filter. Here is the result so far in case anyone is curious. If anyone happens to find a better solution, please feel free let me know.

what did you do with the viewports? how did you get it to work?

Thank you for your interest here is a link to a new post I made regarding the details. I have found a similar but worse alternative that does not require any scripting so please tell me if you would like to know how to do that instead.
Here is the link

and here is a screenshot of the script free alternative

does this work for every body type/package on roblox, or are you just using the boy package?
this probably isn’t really viable for a large game either, as you’re going to probably have to update all 3 rigs in the viewport every single frame, no?

Actually I think that both the script free version of this effect and the viewport version would be able to work on anything. However since I have not managed to get the viewports to work in-game with a script yet do to my lack of experience using them I cannot really confirm it this would work in larger games, however from what I have managed to learn about how they work while the game is running, I am afraid that you might really have to constantly refresh the viewport with anything you would like to posses this effect. Also I apologize for not mentioning it earlier but the screenshots I posted were not taken while I was play testing since I am yet to figure out the scripting part.

Hello, again I have managed to complete the scripting part of the effect here are pictures of the result

And here is the free model containing the scripts viewports and instructions

After following the instructions, you are free to delete the part that contained them, since it is not necessary for the effect to work and is just a container. I forgot to mention that in the instructions, so I decided to write it down here. The effect is applicable to your character by default, so you will have to modify it to target anything else. Also unfortunately even tho the characters in the reference pictures appeared as id they were glowing the viewport frames which are what I used to create the effect are not able to render any light. You can change the thickness of the blue and greeen outline to your liking as well as how swolly the drag behind you, so long as you follow the instructions. Thank you for visiting the post

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Also here is a link to my newest viewport free alternative:

is this not something that only you can see though (and not the server)?

Yeah, I intended to use it in a single player game, so it works only in a local script.
Also this script is pretty unrefined and might cause a lot of lag, so I have made a better alternative that gives me more controll over the effect and does not cause nearly as mutch lag + it is also usable for larger games. Here it is, I really recommand you try it out instead, I do think that it is better also you can adjust almost every aspect of the effect

The images in the post are not all that impressive, but Idk how to add a video instead, so you just have to see the results while you move your camera.

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