How to make an existing game into a group game

I want to transfer ownership from myself to the group that I own.
I want to be able to turn my existing game that has 34 favorites into a group game while keeping all the stats of the original game.
I tried to find solutions online, but the solutions meant that I would lose all stats.


It’s impossible to do that. Only option you have is republishing as a new game for the group. Sooner you do this the better.

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Like Lasoor sayed, it’s currently impossible to do that.
Someday Roblox could make a system like that if they wanted.

Theres a way. Make a new game under the group. Publish it by pressing Alt+p. Then go to the game you want to transfer(make sure it’s published using alt + p). Then go to file click on it and click on Publish to Roblox as
then click on the rectange with the arrow and select the group you want the game to be in.

Then go to the group and select the game u want

then select the game and click on overwrite.

It is. Look at my last post…….

This is going to remove everything in the DataStore (Probaly idk if it clears the datastore), the likes and favorites.

Sadly, you can’t keep the stats. You have to publish it as a new game under the group.

You missed the point, OP was asking if he could tranfer the games owner from himself to the group, keeping likes, visits, datastores, etc. Not if he could publish it to a different place.

yes that is what i wanted. i need a solution, pls help me

You can’t, thats the solution.