How to make an in-game slideshow

I’m sure a lot of people have thought about making videos that play in a Roblox game. Right now, this is the closest i can get. The following is a tutorial for how to make a working slideshow, which could be sped up enough to look like a video.

Alright, so to start, you must collect all of the images you want to be in your slideshow / video. Then you have to upload them to Roblox as decals. Next, you must create a part that has a decal and a script in it. Then, open the script and type the following:

while true do
script.Parent.Decal.Texture = “” <-- insert the url of the first decal you want to show here
wait (5.0) <-- feel free to change the time to as short or as long as you want

Then, just repeat those last two lines for as many images as you want. Then, just end with “end”. I hope that this can help someone, and if not, at least I tried. If you have any feedback or questions, just ask below.