How to make an invisible wall that hides objects on the other side

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    I want to hide a union part behind an invisible wall so that its invisible from the outside but visible from the inside

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I cant make it invisible from the outside without using some glass which is easily seen

  • What solutions have you tried so far? (Have you searched for solutions through the Roblox Wiki yet?)

went through all of the posts on the forum relating to this topic didn’t find an answer


Are you wanting to make it seem as if a hole does not exist at all when viewed from the outside? If so, one method you could try is to place a decal on the outward-facing side of a part with max transparency.

This makes it so that the player will see the decal only from one angle- the outside. The decal could be a simple image of the surrounding texture.


do you mean like this because it didn’t work if im doing it right


Quick and simple solution.

  1. Glass (0.75 - 0.9 transparency or so)
  2. Hidden object (transparency 1) (add decal onto it of color/texture you want)
  3. You’re done.

There isn’t a solution to this and we can only use glass as an alternative choice of attempting this.

Obviously, there are some ways that others can do by using scripts to cause the specific effect.

Alternative possible choice:
Blender has the ability to set up faces to be visible on the inside or outside (one-sided vision)
Crucial Staff

Change the sun’s perspective to not point at the glass;


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