How to make an NPC chat with only 1 person using ChatService

I wanted to make a simple shop using the built-in dialog system but i need to make the npc tell a player that he doesn’t have enogh money so i thought about it and i think the best thing to use is the ChatService but i couldn’t find anything about using CharService for 1 player only

I don’t believe the system you’re describing is very simple at all, but it is doable.

If you want it client-sided, hand the NPC instance and its accompanying code to the client for them to move into their own camera and manage via localscript. Have as many remote events as you need to get a price, check wallet, make a purchase etc. If you’re using a leaderboard-based wallet, the server has to be the one to verify they own enough money (just do a >= comparison between desired price and players wallet to see if they can afford it).

Never trust the client to receive their own items, change their wallet, etc. Sanity check every request. Hold the actual amount an item costs on the server, don’t let the client tell the server how much something costs, else an exploiter can feed it an altered price.

Okay i’ve got a better idea for the question. let me edit the post

it appears that im blind

Dialog would be the simpler approach.