How to make an NPC have an player's default animation?

The title says it all, i want to load the default roblox animations, into an NPC, like the walking animation. Why i want this: How to Make a Working NPC in Roblox [UPDATE 6/16/20] - #10 by doyouevenbruh33

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What I do is, I would search the Toolbox and type in an NPC and look for one that has this script into it:

Basically this script is the one used in every player except it is not a local script. Make sure it has all the Values like fall, idle, jump, and walk.

I just recommend when looking for one, look out for malicious scripts that also could be hiding in it. When you do find the one you want just put it in the NPC you have (R6 and R15 have different animation stuff).


I managed to find one, and it is animated, thank you for the answer, and the β€œtip”!

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