How to make an obby generator similar to Tower of Hell's?

Hello, I’m trying to make a random pre-made obbies generator. I don’t really know how to implement this but here’s my initial thought.

-Make a folder that contains the obbies in ReplicatedStorage
-The obbies has to have a start connector and an end connector
-The lobby can have only one connector
-Choose a random obby from the folder
-Clone it and parent to workspace
-Set the first obby chosen’s CFrame to the lobby’s connector’s CFrame
-Set the rest of the chosen obbies’ start connector’s CFrames to the next last obbies’ end connector’s CFrames.

You may or may not base the solution to the list above since that is just an initial thought. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!


Im actually working on a Tower of Hell / Cotton Tower type game and I’m following a tutorial on YouTube by “Phantom”. In the first or second part It shows you to do something like this.

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Imma be sure to check it out! Thanks!

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Put your Stages in replicatedStorage, and position them at their respective places. But overlay them at the same spot if u have to, then just use GetDescendants and change the cancollide and transparency at random of the model.