How to make an obby replay tutorial?

Hello everyone! I really need to know how to make a replay tutorial in my obby game.
I want to make it like in Arenoir’s Difficulty Chart Obby:
Thanks for any help!

Have a look around on the forum. There are many great resources under #resources !
Here’s one that looks interesting: ReplayService - Replay Your Best Moments. Any Place, Any Time. (Pre-Release Version Available)

Thank you very much! :grinning:

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I tested it today. Why does dummy has no jump animation?

I don’t know. I just linked a resource that could be useful.
You should ask the module’s creator.

Hey @DuckingDucky!

The plugin is still in Pre-Release, and therefore probably shouldn’t be used in full games quite yet. Main reason I released it was to get people familiar with the API. Soon it’ll be released.

Ok. I hope plugin will be good and I will use it for my game.