How to make and use AHK within roblox studio

Roblox Studio AHK Tutorial

Whats is AHK?

Auto hot key or AHK is a tool that can really boost your development experience with Roblox Studio.
AHK scripts started out pretty simple and have since expanded alot. They still can be broken down into basic components and today we will be going over input, output, and typing. We will also talk about how it can be used in Roblox Studio

How does AHK help the development experience in Roblox Studio?

AHK’s main feature is giving you the ability to type a long string of words with a couple buttons. This can be useful for things that are tedious to do, such as wait for child. I made a set of tools for AHK in cool-creations that are built for Roblox Studio.

The basic structure of a AHK script

the first part of a AHK script is a command, or a hotkey to trigger the script. If you wanted something like ctrl or alt then you use specially defined character to tell AHK it’s a special key. The basic ones are
^ = ctrl and ! = alt

the second part is the stuff you want to execute after that hotkey is triggered.

the last part is return. This tells AHK you’re done with that script. If you forget then hope your pc doesn’t explode.

How to make a AHK script

this is the juicy part. To create a AHK script, after you’ve installed AHK, right click on your desktop and go to new then “AutoHotKey script”.
The first line of a basic AHK script is the hotkey as said above.
this is defined by the combination you want then two commas.
Example: ^!g:: that will fire when ctrl+alt+g is pressed

Next lets make the keyboard say “Hello, world!”. The basic way to the keyboard send a sequence is Send, Hello, world!. AHK doesn’t require quotes but instead just makes the keyboard say anything after the ", "

Now lets make the AHK program get input and make the keyboard say it

    InputBox, name, What's your name?, What's your name?
    Send, Hello %name%!

This script gets the user’s name with a InputBox and assigns the input to a variable named “name”. Then it makes the keyboard type Hello and their name.
The two other parameters we passed for InputBox control the window name and the window text respectively.

How to run a AHK script

when you create a AHK script and want to test out your creation you must first save and double click the file, if there is already a second one running or you’re updating it then it will put a box on your screen. Just click yes.

links download the program my roblox studio AHK essentials


For anyone that doesn’t want to learn AHK script, it might be worth using the Python AHK module instead. Good tutorial, AHK is a great tool for lots of stuff.


I think AHK’s coding language was basic at the start and is now filled with so much fluff that only helps with really niche use cases. I would like to see a AHK lite version, the docs are so filled that it’s sometimes hard to navigate.