How to make Animated Slashes 2.0!

Summary: You will learn how to texture slashes, make the slash mesh, animate it in blender, export it into Roblox Studio, and do simple scripting to show the animation.

Tools: Blender, Roblox Studio, Ibis Paint

Time to make this: 45+ minutes (A lot of time used on rendering textures and importing it into Roblox Studio.)






Nice tutorial! It looks really cool in the video and it’s very informative. Also very handsome :+1:

Hey I watched your tutorial and checked out your tutorial. It’s really cool btw. I noticed that you made two different ways to make animated slash. Should I do the decal way or this way in your other video?

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Sorry for the late reply. Personally I rather use the newest animated slash tutorial because allows you to make 3d animated mesh slashes. The good thing about the mesh slashes is its ease to adjust it’s rotation unlike the old animated slash tutorial.
Though if you want to make animated slash or other animated things like fire, I would go with the old tutorial because those don’t require meshes to create cool effects. Furthermore, using particle emitters should be less heavy on the game performance compared to mesh slashes.

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Hey! I saw these videos on youtube shortly before this post was made, great work!

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nice tutorials i subscribed to your channel :wink:

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