How to make animating tool easier

hello i am currently making a tool for a door, its more like a shield, but its hard to animate if you have the motor6d attached to one of the arms especially when it comes to complex animations

so basically my question is how do i make it easier to make complex animations with tools?

its good for simple animations such as this

but for animations that it shouldn’t be attached to the motor6d

such as trying to place the door, and then going back to neutral pose, but the door is stuck to the hand so the door can’t be placed down while being attached to the hand

or even so more complicated animation, where i had to make the door into a separate rig to make my life easier to animate, if the arm with the motor6d moves, then the whole entire door moves, thats why i made the door a separate rig, and it’ll be less painful to animate

the problem is that im not sure how to even do with 2 rigs because i think it’ll cause problems for when making the tool, it might break or the door rig won’t be in correct position

so in all in all sorry for the confusion but, i’d just want to make it easier to animate, and to live my life with little stress as possible, if you got any questions to ask please ask me so i try my best to help to clear any confusions you might have

I’d recommend using blender to animate instead of Roblox, Blender rig exporter/animation importer
Note: there are currently some issues with exporting currently, the developer needs to fix them. (You will have to remove the face from the rig to be able to animate).
Anyways, just download the blender addon and the Roblox, and check every day or so to see if the plugin needs an update. Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon.

Anyways, good luck!


thank you, it made the animating process a tad bit easier but, i should probably rephrase my question since, it wasn’t exactly the result i wanted

if you check of this video, the door won’t come off the hand and it’s stuck to the hand, how would i make it so at any point, i can make the door not stuck to the hand

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I see, if you rigged the door as an attachment that’s why you can’t move it, rig it as a joint instead. that should work, let me know if this helps.

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it has its own join called “BodyAttach”, and its attached to the hand but it moves when the hand moves

the joint can move separately, but it is also connected to the hand which makes it harder to animate since when the hand moves the entire door moves by an offset relative to the hand,
like is there anyway i can make the joint not attached to the hand at any point of the animation?

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Try rigging it to the humanoid root part instead. Select the hand and the door at the same time when you want to move them togther, then deselect the hand and only have the diir selected, that should work? (It’s better to rig the the humanoid root part it most cases in my opinion).


my golly i did not know you can do that but you saved my sanity, thank you so much

no problem! Happy to help!

How long have you been into animation?

probably about a week, im not good at it but i can make something out of it

For me, I think about a year now?

Taught myself by accident lol, decided to mess with the editor and ended up here. amazing where an accident will take you.

Anyways good luck.
If you’d like to talk more feal free to dm me, I’d be wuilling to give you some tips.

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