How to make animation consistent with walkspeed?

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    I want to make it so my walking animation does not have sliding feet, without being at 3 walkspeed.

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    I would put a video, but I’m unsure on how to do so, so I will explain it as much as I can. With 16 walkspeed with my walking animation, when the foot touches the ground, it does not stay in that position as the character moves forward, and instead moves forward with it. Only on 3 walkspeed however, am I able to get the foot to stay in the same position it landed while the character moves forward. I was able to test this by using the grid pattern on the baseplate. I want to be able to have the foot correctly stay in place when I walk with at least 12 walkspeed, preferably 16.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?

    I’ve tried searching all over and I only come up with results for people who want their animation speed to change with walkspeed, which is not what I want in this case. If I did do that, it would work, sure, but the animation would be incredibly fast. It is possible I’m just not using the right words to describe the issue and that’s why I haven’t found anything.

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Any help is appreciated.

I think you should take a look at AnimationObject properties. I believe there is a property that can change speed of the animation tracks. You can maybe do your math and multiply it by the speed of your character.

you can change animationt rack speed

As I said in the post, I could increase the speed of the animation to fix the problem, but the animation would play so incredibly fast that it would not be enjoyable to look at.

actually, do property changed for a character walkspeed (put this codein starter character scripts) and fire function that adjuts the walk animation speed to what ever speed u want (like a equation to get speed is what i mean)