How to make animations in Blender 2.8 smoother

Hello. The other day I was making a little animation and I rarely do animations, so i do not know a lot about them. When I was done with the animation, I went into the graph chart and I sampled all the keys, so it would insert key-frames where there was none, and then I smoothed all of the key-frames. It did make the animation smoother but when i rendered it it just didn’t look right. Please leave your honest opinions on how the final animation looks, and if you want, what I should add.

Thanks for reading :grinning:

Overall the animation looks awesome and, i’m very surprised the way you match the colour, look very fresh and clean,
This is what i found when i see this clip
the coffee handle it doesn’t suit with your character hand.
if you pretty good at animation, you can make more like your character head look at coffee and slowly bring the coffee and drink or chill with it.
is this a trailer or just a small end video, if it a trailer, then make more action or more view

I hope this will help you :grin:

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Thanks! This is an intro for my YouTube channel, well soon to be YouTube channel lol.

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