How to make beams not look weird when looking directly at it

it just looks weird, man. I’ve tried adding a billboard GUI on it with a glow image but that didn’t turn out so well when looking at it at the side because it clips through the wall and makes it look ugly.

Edit: Ignore the rings to the side of the light, they’re different but same unions (That serve as a replacement for the original one because every time I leave studio and rejoin the union becomes invisible, a result of ROBLOX’s poor CSG system and an issue that hasn’t been fixed for a long time.)


This looks like a projector light?
I did the same thing but used a semi-transparent Union for my Not quite the Batcave place. Projectors have a rectangular beam so it’s fairly easy to align the Parts and screen.

I used a Neon Part for the projector lens so it ‘shines’ in your eyes when you look toward it.


Can confirm a neon part with low opacity will work perfectly. If you use any kind of light such as projector light, it’s going to move wonky like in the video.

You could also use particles as opposed to using a part.

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@iSyriux when you say Unions aren’t working for you are you using CSGv2 in Studio Settings?
@6DBeing but if this is a projector beam then Particles wouldn’t give that sharp outline of a projected image.

@Scottifly @STAPumaUSA @6DBeing
This is not a projector. It’s supposed to be a spotlight. Since the room is supposed to be dusty, you could see a rough outline of the spotlight itself. The outline is not supposed to be sharp, since the sharpest would be in the middle and slowly ease into a blur. Also, the farther the light beam is from the light itself, the more blurry/transparent it would become.

You can create those effects with particles. Here is an example of a spotlight done with particles in roblox.


Oh my, how exactly do you think this can be achieved and with minimal and/or absolutely no flaws? ect. the particles flickering

I am not very good at particles, but i think this might be the effect you want. Light.rbxm (3.4 KB)
You can change the size to increase the spread, and you can tweak other properties. You can also rotate it in the direction your light is facing, just hide the flashy end in the neon part


I never noticed that! Nice trick, but can hurt performance with the amount of particles per second, as I see, but nice trick!