How to make Billboard Gui not changing brightness when looking at it from a different angle

So, I noticed, that billboard GUI changes its brightness if I look at it from a different side. This kinda annoys me as I would like it to be the same (it’s same as you would have darker and lighter color) and it looks ugly and unreadable in some cases (If I have a light blue text when it changes its brightness, it’s sometimes unreadable if the sky is behind it).

Do you maybe know, how to fix it?

Thank you!

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I ain’t that proffessional, but could you try setting its brightness through a script?

Check the LightInfluence of the SurfaceGui to 0.


LightInfluence is a number, not a Boolean. If you change the BillboardGui’s LightInfluence property to 0, you shouldn’t see its brightness get altered

I remember seeing a boolean…

It’s actually a number, but it solves the issue.

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