How to make bone stay still while animating using r6 rig in blender?

So, I learned how to animate in blender. There’s just one thing. I’ve seen many animators where when they move the upper body parts, the legs stay in place? What I mean, is that, whenever I move my rig, I have to reposition the feet/legs to where they originally were. I know that you have to use something called inverse kinematics to do this, yet, whenever I searched up some tutorials on it, none of them really described exactly how to that. If there are any actually good tutorials, please do reply with them.

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Using the Animation Editor

Navigation sidebar > Inverse Kinematics > Pinning parts

Now if you want to use “traditional” animation, then you’re just going to have to adjust things yourself.
I will advise that the R6 rig isn’t exactly ideal for IK due to the limited number of joints reducing flexibility.

EDIT: Oh wait, you’re asking how to do it in Blender. Hang on.
Assuming you already have a Roblox model to animate, you’ll want to use the Blender rig exporter/animation importer. It includes a function to generate IK bones for the rig as well. After that, it’s more of a matter of finding out how to pin IK bones in Blender. As best as I can tell, you can create an empty on the location that you want to pin it to and temporarily create a “track” constraint for that bone.

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what do you mean by: “create an empty on the location”?

In Blender, create an “empty” object type, which like the name implies, is an object that isn’t visible in renders or directly interacts with anything, but is good as a reference point. It’s a bit like a Roblox attachment.
Put it where you want the target bone to lock itself to (i.e. put it on the ground where you want the foot to “plant” itself) then add a “track” constraint for the foot bone (or its IK bone) and set it to the empty. There should be a way to keyframe the amount of time that the constraint stays active, but that’s as far as I know.

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How would I create the empty object thing? I’m sorry, I don’t know much about blender other than how to animate rigs.

Sorry for the late reply. Object mode (press tab) –> Shift+A (Brings up Add menu) –> Empty submenu –> Choose which kind of empty you want. (Other than the Image type, the type chosen is purely up to personal preference/organizational purposes).

However, at this point I’d recommend learning some basic Blender stuff, like adding objects at least.

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so… let me get this straight. i get the rig, rebuild it so i can pose it, then go into object mode and create an empty object, add a track to constraint to the leg, and the target should be the Empty object. right?

Correct. There should be an option next to the constraint to animate the track to constraint property so it can be toggled during the animation for when you need to move the next foot. At this point I merely know about these, but I’ve yet to use these features. It should point you in the right direction.

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Screenshot_138 Screenshot_137

Something isn’t really working.

Make sure you’re in pose mode and only make the constraint active in that mode.

Again though, we’re approaching more general knowledge that you should be able to find, or ask the Blender community itself.