How to make bubble chat always on top?

Hi, I am trying to recreate something similar to the NPC chats seen in Adopt Me. Most of it seems pretty straight forward using the built in bubble chat system, however one thing that I am struggling with is the layering. The chat bubbles always seem to appear behind characters, but the one seen in Adopt me is able to always be on top. Anyone have an idea how to achieve this?

I have taken a look at the BubbleChat.client.lua to see if I can just add an AlwaysOnTop = true to the billboard gui of the chat bubble but it seems like

ChatService:Chat(adornee, text)

fires this

ChatService.Chatted:connect(function(origin, message, color) 
	this:OnGameChatMessage(origin, message, color) 

which just hits this inside OnGameChatMessage and returns.

if UserRoactBubbleChatBeta or (UserPreventOldBubbleChatOverlap and ChatService.BubbleChatEnabled) then
	print("Returning in OnGameChatMessage")

So I am a little confused on how the chat bubbles are even rendering and how I can go about modifying them to always show on top for NPC’s similar to how Adopt Me has done it. Appreciate any advice :slight_smile: I just want the text to always be visible

hi! im pretty sure there is a setting in studio that you can change through one of the chat modules

Ahh I didn’t realise CoreGui was a setting we could toggle in studio to view. Found it inside of BubbleChatBillboard where we should be able to just add AlwaysOnTop = true, but seems we don’t have permission to edit any of the scripts inside of CoreGui.

Did you find a solution for this? I have the same problem :sweat_smile: