How to make CFrame with Workspace gravity?

Hello, how to make CFrame gravity using multiple parts like this:
Thank you.

What do you mean by ‘CFrame gravity’, are you trying to replicate gravity behavior using CFrames? If so, why not rely on the core one?

I’m trying to make the CFrame tilt it to act on gravity.

Do you have any example of what you are trying to achieve?

When I used math.rad with gravity, it didn’t work, and it looked bad like this:
makes circles.
sorry i am bad at explaining.

I am making something like a bullet trajectory, like this:

Math.rad() converts degrees into radians (another scale of angles), it shouldn’t really solve the problem.
So you basically want to display a trajectory of a bullet?

Try searching the forums for things like “bullet drop curve” or “bullet height”. I saw a few posts with Solved checkmarks when I did that.
If nothing helps in those posts try changing your search terms using terms like gun, trajectory, etc.