How to make color correction effect turn negative?

I want to make this color effect change like Jojo timestop effect but everything turned black

local Color = game.Lighting.ColorCorrection.TintColor

--Inverse Color's Components
local r, g, b = 255,255,255

r = 255 - (Color.R*255)
g = 255 - (Color.G*255)
b = 255 - (Color.B*255)

Color = Color3.fromRGB(r,g,b) -- I used Color3 but idk if that works cus TintColor's children are seperate R  G  B values 0-1 

any help?

Set the color correction’s saturation to -2


If you want more different colors try to experiment with it

Thanks! :smiley: I didnt know this but it doesnt require RGB script

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Thanks, greatly appreciated your suggestion!

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There’s a thing called .Changed my friend…