How to make controls with only mouse?

How would I make it so if they hold there mouse and move it right the player would move right? Same for left and jumping and such

Sorry for late response. By using Mouse object you can track the position of the mouse on screen by using Mouse.X and Mouse.Y. Check these values upon mouse movement using Enum.UserInputType.MouseMovement which will reduce the need to check every set amount of time rather than check every time the mouse moves(changes coordinates). To move users around you can use MoveTo to relocate your character around. To make a humanoid jump you simply use Jump property of Humanoid.

If you go the the StarterPlayer object in the explorer, there’s a property called DevComputerMovement/DevTouchMovement, and you can set that to “Scriptable” so you can script something yourself and disable WASD and arrow keys.

ohhh i’ve made something like this, i did was:

  1. Detect if player is holding/ clicking the mouse L/R Button
  2. Get the mouse position in 3D space using Mouse.Hit()
  3. Move the Humanoid in that mouse position using Humanoid:MoveTo()

I used BindToRenderStep as well just in case the player moved their mouse while holding the mouse L/R Button to update where the players going to move.