How to make cool smooth model in blender 3D

I’ve encountered such a problem, well, if not a problem, I just don’t know how to make a smoothed model in a blender so that there are no those shadows, and when I transfer it to the studio it does not look beautiful, can someone help me how to do this?


Try this: select your object in object view, in the Properties tab, navigate down to the green triangle for Object Data Properties, then under Normals tick Auto Smooth.

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When you shade smooth, sometimes it will look like that, I would recommend to go in the “normals” and check that “auto smooth”

strange but when I press “auto smooth” I have it done back Shade Flat

That’s where you’ll want to change the Auto Smooth Angle. The default is at 30 degrees so you’ll want to play around with the value depending on your model.