How to make costume texture maps?

Hello I have been wondering on how some developers of rpg games in roblox make texturized maps. For example some games coming like anime legends. I have wondered how since There is no actual tutorial on how do we do these, If there are some plug ins or such. I wanted to try out genshin impact anime like textures like this one



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It’s usually meshes and/or models from blender or a platform like blender ported over to studio. Textures are decals put onto parts. I could easily be wrong as I have never tried to do something like this. I’m just saying what I would do if I were to make a map with a different style to what roblox provides us with.

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So what I need is to actually make a map in blender? and save the textures I placed in it right?

Yes. It would work. U can use pbr for a anime game

may I ask what is a “pbr” I haven’t heard of it before :((

Pbr can be used through surface appearance

HOW??>>>>!!! pls teach me or send link for guide pleaseeeeee :DDDDDD


Surface Appearance | Roblox Creator Documentation here it is. If u need pbr texture, I m one who can create them.

really?? alright do I need to pay? if so I might think abt it but can you also teach me how?

can I ask smthng though? Does this also work on large scale maps?
my game has 4 all in all countries in 1 server its like 4 different game maps in 1 game

I can teach u. I can post a tutorial on devforum.

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I can work for 3robux per pbr set. And it should work for large scale map but could become laggy. Might need scripts to control lag.

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REAL INSPIRATION :slight_smile: thank you.

3 robux, this is a well made bussiness ngl are you starting or growing?
cause i might hire you in the future ngl.

also mind if I ask? is it possible to make a anime poly kind of pbr texture?
and how do you add grass? like moving ones like this:


also sry if I’m asking to much I’m just new and just finished practicing blender few months ago, still new to the studio things so yeah thx!

Yes it is possible to control reflection and using low poly normals for anime pbr. The grass actually can be used as skinned mesh or just a mesh changing position using tween service

Actually I thought of making minimum profit do that more people hire me.

oh I see2 can you make a tutorial differentiated for a specific kind like anime like poly pbr? if possible I would watch it and study it A LOT.

Oh I see damn some business tactic but I respect that. Might hire you one day like after beta or before beta launch. I would look forward to it :smiley:

mind if I ask what else do you do?

GFX artist can make photos and lighting and some ui images