How to make "creator mall" type game?

So basically, I want to create a game inspired by Grotty’s “Creator Mall” or the more classic ScriptOn’s “Grand Mall of Robloxia 2”.

I have my entire game built out already, but there’s just one problem- I am completely new to scripting. I can script a basic music system, but otherwise, this is what I need help with:

How do I make it so each individual player can own their own store to sell and display their items on a mannequin?
How do I allow players to own their own individual store, and be able to close their doors when needed, etc (much like a tycoon)?

Those are really the only things I need help with. I’ve searched just about every article and almost every youtube tutorial but I can’t find anything on that first topic, so I thought I’d come here for some help

If you’re able to help, that would be much appreciated!


Maybe this can help to start your script CODING A PLOT SYSTEM - Saturday Scripting Live - YouTube

This show the first thing you need to make.

You can edit all is showing on the video, but the important is that the game knows who’s the owner of the plot.

That way you can set the doors, and more.

You can search “plot system” on youtube or some websites from roblox to see tutorials about that scripts.

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thank you! I’ll be sure to check it out.