How to make custom character

Hey guys,
So I need to make a player spawn with a custom character. Everything should be same such as walking jumping etc. I tried doing using the way stated on the devhub but i just get this:

I tried using a script in sss with this code:

   workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame = player.Character

but that doesnt help.
Thanks in advance.

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You need to insert your custom character into StarterPlayer and name it “StarterCharacter”

Video Tutorial

I tried that only and it didnt work, ill see the vid and test thank you

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There need to be some certain things into the StarterCharacter or else it won’t work such as Humanoid and HumanoidRootPart and it has to be a model with its PrimaryPart set and named StarterCharacter.
For Better Understanding here:

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You: Copy your avatar and paste it into workspace
LoadCharacter plugin: Am I a joke to you
Also, nice vid, does that work with models that are not rigs?

I didnt do the humanoid but i made the hrp and also set the primarypart. ill see this vid thank you.

Thank you so much! I was able to achieve what I wanted! I subscribed to gnome too!