How to make Custom Guns in Roblox Studio

Hi! I just became a member of the DevForum community. I also recently started developing on Roblox.

I’ve made a few games so far and I am trying to make a FPS shooter game. I already have much experience in designing maps, using terrain, and other minigame/voting script systems, but I am struggling to make custom guns. Is there any feedback on how to make guns on roblox?

I’m using tutorials and more but the tutorials are very complicated. Is there any way you can make the instructions simpler?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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you gotta use raycast? from what i know you gotta use raycast

Okay, thanks! I’ll check that out.

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To start, you need to get some experience with scripting (mostly raycasting) and modeling, since you will need to be really good at those two skills to make a custom gun.

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I have some scripting experience but not much experience with raycasting. Thanks!

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It seems a lot complicated at the beginning but it’s not, you jsut need a Script, a LocalScript and a RemoteEvent to make a simple but working gun.

Use raycast and if you want to make bullets you could use tweenservice (not sure if it’s the best method) to move the bullet really accurate.

I also made a video on how to make that gun :grin: If you are interested…- YouTube

Thanks a lot! This really makes it easier to understand! The tutorials I used said that I had to write 1000+ lined scripts and I knew that there was a simpler way. Thanks again!

No problem, I’m happy to have helped.