How to make customizable cakes and drinks

Hi, I am trying to make that you can create cakes from many ingredients (like you make chocolate cake from chocolate batter etc). The same apply for drinks. It sounds a bit hard for me, but I think I should understand how it should be made.

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Sorry, your post doesn’t explain very well what you’re trying to make. It sounds like it could be some sort of recipe-based crafting system but that doesn’t fit with the “customizable” part. Would you mind explaining it in a bit more detail and with some more examples?

Is it like that old game where you baked a cake and you put it in ovens etc to get shaped and choose the flavours?

Your question isn’t very specific which kinda makes this a bit difficult to answer. Well, this is a hard one to make and you will need many things to get this done right. Well, first of all, you need to make a table with all of the ingredients and the resulting cakes or whatever you want. Then you will need to do scripts where you combine those “ingredients” in the resulting cakes.

I am trying to give an answer but tbh your question is so general I don’t even know what to say.

Make a tool, and as you progress in the kitchen, have different ingredients become visible. (Ex. cooking it changes the color to look cooked. Adding salt puts on flakes of white at the top, etc.)

I saw yalls comments. By that I meant something similiar that bakers valley use.