How to make cutscenes

Hi guys, i wonder how to make a cutscene that will play for example in front of the player, starting from a moon file, i’ve alr made a system to play it, but idk how to actually start in front of the player and not in the spot where i’ve made the camera anim on moon


I just figured it out myself, for anyone wondering I did this:

-- Inside the Render Stepped Connection (to iterate on all frames)

-- Calculate the offset (the difference between the Cframe of the rig where i've
-- made the animation, and the CFrame of the camera
local cameraOffset = secondPartRig.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame:inverse() * NeededFrame.Value

-- use the offset to obtain the CFrame of the camera in front of the 
-- player (target is the Character RootPart)
local cameraBCFrame =Target.CFrame * cameraOffset

-- Just set the cFrame
Camera.CFrame = cameraBCFrame
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