How to make default sky look better?

For some reason, what bothers me the most is the sky. I couldn’t really find a decent looking sky that suits my needs, being a clear that isn’t a gradient (I could use Atmos, but I’m too poor to afford it), and it’s why I stick with the default sky, this one:

Yes, I know, it looks like a gradient sky

So far, the only thing I could do is add some clouds, which still doesn’t really feel like much. If anyone has tips on how to make the sky look better outside of clouds and lighting effects, please tell me


Have you tried looking at free skyboxes I’m the toolbox?


Yeah I mentioned that, most of them have clouds (not what I am looking for), and for ones that don’t, most of the time they’re low quality or simply gradients

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Oh, my bad. I used to get my skyboxes from @Q_Q’s skyboxes.

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A more difficult way but flexible in terms of customizability of doing this is to make your own skyboxes :thinking:

What are you specifically looking for?

Try using skyboxes from the toolbox or change the sun’s icon. If that doesn’t suit you, go back to the regular gradient sky, decrease the EnvironmentalDiffuseScale to around 0.23 (keep ESS), add clouds in the terrain, make the atmosphere Haze in lighting 2.8 and Glare 0.15, add ColorCorrection and make the Saturation -0.1 with Contrast 0.3. Change technology in Lighting to future as well. Play to see changes.

  1. Use post-processing effects: You can use the Roblox post-processing package to add some color grading and bloom effects to the sky. This can help make the sky look more vibrant and realistic.
  2. Use skyboxes: A skybox is a texture that is mapped to the inside of a cube that surrounds the camera. By using a custom skybox, you can change the appearance of the sky without modifying the lighting or environment.
  3. Use a particle system: You can use a particle system to create the appearance of clouds in the sky. You can control the size, shape, and movement of the clouds to create a more dynamic and realistic sky.
  4. Use environmental lighting: By adjusting the environmental lighting in your game, you can change the overall color and mood of the sky. You can use different colors for the ambient light and the directional light to create different moods and atmospheres.
  5. Use a sky dome: A sky dome is a mesh that is shaped like a half-sphere and placed above the camera. By using a custom sky dome, you can create a more detailed and realistic sky. You can use textures and materials to create different looks for the sky dome, such as a sunrise or sunset.
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Like this?

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A sky for an urban environment, and by urban, I mean a large city with plenty of skyscrapers (something like Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai) that would allow to add my own clouds

Patrick your sky looks good. If you want alternative skyboxes, head over to a website called polyhaven. They have free HDRIs that you can use. After downloading the HDRI, use my blender file to convert them into 6 images that you can use for roblox skyboxes.

You’ll need Blender to follow these steps.

  1. Import the HDRI to the blender file
  2. Set the output file directory in the output settings
  3. Press “render animation”

you will have 6 images that you can use for roblox.
360rigfixeffinal.blend (1.9 MB)

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I really like EchoReaper’s Skybox Inserter plugin, it has a collection of really great skyboxes.