How to make Drone Simulator more interesting then other simulators?

Big idea: make drone simulator way more interesting then the concept right now and modify the concept to get it better then other rpg/simulators

Game Concept

Drone simulator is similar to Fall Out 4, except … better! Players lives in a underground sci fi city. You can acquire new drones, upgrade them, and add weapons and accessories to them. The underground city runes on energy, Players send and control drones to hunt beasts and collect energy from their body. When you reach above ground, you get to explore the terrain as a drone, then you look for monsters and defeat them to collect energy from their corpse. You sell the energy underground and get money for new drones. Assuming it has as much funding needed.
The most intriguing part is probably the maps, and drone designs and maybe some sfx, as we hired showcase builders and experienced game developers to review for us.

Explanation/conclusion: Right now I feel like the buildings it self is not going to sell it off, of course, there will be a variety of game modes later like battle royal, death race, dungeons etc, but its not going to make it popular like other games. I need innovation ideas, not just like houses and stuff.

Thank you and please give detailed feedback if you can


As bad as it sound, unless you have past experience with successful game and know how to execute an idea to perfection in a way it almost creates a new ‘type’ of game I would reccomend making your simulator as interesting as other simulators, Simulators may be boring, and ‘same old, same old’ but its a formula which works, and I recommend for one of your first games you follow.

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I see! thank you for the advise :slight_smile:

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