How to make dummy into the player who used a tool

local camera = workspace.Camera

local part = workspace.CameraPart



camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable

camera.CFrame = part.CFrame


Heres my code and heres the project
I need the dummy to be the player who activated the tool

Couldn’t you just replace the Dummy with your Character(Player.Character)?
Also, you may want to make a Remote Event so the action will be visible to all Players, which I’m sure you already know.

Yeah I dont really know what the project is for the guy is just paying me to do script it for him so I think he wants me to make it so when it gets to the dummy its the player who activated the tool locally he said nothing about it so everyone can see it

You should ask him.
Do you want everyone to be able to see the change?
Do you want the change to be above where the player that activated the tool was standing?

im not sure but the main question is how would i get the dummy to be the player


local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Character = Player.Character




if you wanted the dummy to go away

If this is the case then you are scamming him. You do not know how to achieve this, yet he is paying you to write a script for him. If you are coming onto the DevForum to get the answer and then give this to him, you are scamming him.

For your own interest, I have asked a similar question a while ago in which I hope you find useful. Basically, it utilizes a proximity prompt that changes the player’s character into another one (similar to a Kit system). To achieve what I think you want, change it to a ToolActivated event instead of a Triggered event (for ProximityPrompts).

I am not going to help you further because I don’t approve of this kind of behavior. However, I wish you good luck on your project.

Note: Please learn how to script, then write scripts for others

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the whole point of dev forum is to get scripting help

It is, indeed. However, you are using it in the wrong way. Look, if the guy who asked you to write a script for you didn’t know how to script, he can simply ask on the DevForum for help and we would be happy to help him. However, he has paid you to write a script for him. If you ask on the DevForum, then there is no point in him asking you to write the script. THEREFORE, you are scamming him.

he hasnt paid me yet he will give me the pay depending on how good it is

Just for future reference, if you are going to ask on DevForum to help write a script that you are going to give someone in return for either Robux or money, don’t. They can ask on the DevForum themselves.

just sayin it aint got anything to do with not knowing how to script the whole devforum is designed to help people if they are stuck on scripting

I know, and if you’re stuck on something, that’s okay. You can ask.

However, your topic and the problem you seem to be stuck on isn’t a very hard problem. With a bit of researching, you can find the solution and make it work.

(p.s. To format code, use backquotes ` , I noticed your code in the original post is not formattted)

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Also, I’m not saying you are scamming him. I’m just saying this sounds like you are scamming him.

thanks anyways its a bummer that theres a limit to characters in a post but thanks

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Yeah lol no one likes the 30-char minimum requirement for posts :sob: