How to make easy low-poly terrain | 5 min

Hello, I will be showing you how to make this stunning yet simple set of terrain border parts to make your game better! This is a low poly style, making your game run smoother; it will provide a better experience for those who play your game! :smiley: :star:

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If you prefer to use pictures instead, you can see them down below.

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Make sure to review the “Help” section below before starting!
Alright, once you’ve done that, open up blender, then we can get started!
Firstly, select everything, then delete it, so we have an empty workspace; then, add a circle and make it so it has 8 sides, scale it up a bit. Now we should have this:

Now extrude it up a bit and add a loop cut in the middle. Now we should have this:
now move the loop cut that we just added to the middle a tiny bit to the left or right, so it’s a little bit random. Now we should have this:

Now select the whole top and click e without doing anything, then click s and scale outwards a little bit, and then we should have this:

then extrude up and click fill them, and we should have this:

Now click the very top and inset a new face, then grab it and bring it up just a tiny bit, so it has a bit of depth. Here’s what it should look like now:

Now grab the bottom edge of the bottom top and bring it up or down a little bit on all sides; since this part is a bit confusing, here’s a video. Also, while you are at it, fill the bottom.

Now our terrain is done except for the UV editing; since this part is a bit difficult, ill provide another video. Before we get started, make sure to get a color pallet!

Phew! that was a lot of work! At least for me :eyes: Please enjoy the finished product:

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Here are all the hotkeys that I use
Shift + A | Add a part
Shift + D | Duplicate
G | To move objects
S | To scale
I | Create another face
E | Extrude
A | Select everything
X | Delete
Ctrl - R | Make a loop cut
F | Fill
U | UV unwrap
alt + left click | Select a circle of vertices/edges/faces
Command | To zoom in and out (ctrl depending if you are on mac or windows)
Shift | To pan around
Click x, y, or z to lock the object to an axis after duplicating or grabbing an object.

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Please reply with what you need help with, and if you enjoyed it, heart it to say thanks because this took me over 2+ hours to make the picture version and another few hours to create the video. Thanks! :smiley: