How to make fake skybox look less square

I am using parts with reflection and i don’t know how to make the edges less visible

Have you tried using a ball or cylinder instead of a part?

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The parts aren’t visible from inside

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Oh, well then either turn the parts transparency up or get a new skybox. If both dont work i’ve got nothing, sorry

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Can you give alittle more details on the sky?

What kind of details? :thinking:

What are you using for the sky?

Sky object, the fake skybox is composed of parts with reflection = 1

Try this

Sky.rbxm (2.8 KB)

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Why not use an actual skybox, is there a reason why you are trying this method instead?

Because there are many of these and i don’t want the player to see them.

Use an inverted sphere, that way its rounded and you dont have to worry about edges

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yeah, that worked, do you know how to remove the black bottom of the skybox, cause the reflection is inverted.