How to make Fire effect bigger?

I want my fire effect bigger:

As you can see, in the video. Even I set my fire effect at maximum size and heat but it looks so small compared to the meteorite that I made. Any idea on how to make the fire effect bigger?

Try Particle Emitters | Roblox Creator Documentation
Fire is one of the original visual effects from years ago.


But the problem that I’ve faced using particle emitter is it does not look as good as the fire effect. I want it to look like a fire effect.

Then fine tune the Particles.
You can load whatever image you want for each particle.
You can change the direction, speed while travelling, colour change, transparency change, amount of particles, etc. to make whatever you want it to look like.

Still, how hard I tried it can’t get to similar to the original fire effect. Even I tried to find a free model, it looks really similar but when I put it in my object the effect just becomes too small. Is there any module that can produce like fire effect that change the particle properties accorded to the object size that they parented in? So, it can look like the fire effect and also can scale it to the appropriate size.

The ParticleEmitter effect is the same size as the Part you have it parented to.
You can change the Shape to Disc or Sphere if you have it in a cylinder or ball.
If you want the particles bigger just increase the Size of the particles. You can also make them go from big to small by clicking the … icon in the Size Property window (right side of the box)
If you want the particles to change Color, Size, Transparency, Speed, Rotation, Acceleration or any other Property with the … icon then click the icon and you can modify those as well.