How to make fireworks(NOT the Roblox Dev Tutorial)

This is kind of a script and Art design problem that I have.
So I was hoping to make some fireworks, and I happened to find a Roblox tutorial:Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
However, it looks extremely strange and ugly even to someone who focus on programming like me. So I am hoping to see if there is another way to make fireworks. As mentioned, I know quite a bit on scripting but I know almost nothing in particles and stuff, so your help will be very appreciated. Thanks

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Can I see a picture or video of them.

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it looks like this (sorry I can’t make it into a GIF)
and it only works with the command bar

WeeMutee, what is your script you are using for that and such?

Sorry for late Reply, but I used the script from the firework tutorial on the Developers page.

since I can’t find any other working script for the firework

local emitters = workspace.Part.Attachment:GetChildren(); for _, emitter in pairs(emitters) do emitter:Emit(10) end

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