How to make footsteps accurate?

Hey, so recently I’ve been playing this game on roblox called Apeirophobia, and the footsteps used in that game sound very accurate to when the player’s foot actually hits the ground, opposed to the roblox default which will always play at the same speed no matter the player’s walkspeed, does anybody know how to do that ?


Are you talking about this?

You could wait for particular key frames with AnimationTrack.KeyframeReached and play a sound.

Or do it physically, by raycasting a short distance out of the foot every frame.


Only part of it, custom sounds I already got, what I’m looking for is… well, accurate footsteps, that won’t play constantly no matter what the Walkspeed is, like the default running sound

I don’t really know how to do some sounds stuff but is this it?

Try using the Animation.KeyFrameReached event or GetMarkerReachedSignal how do I unreply

Try using wait(0.27/(humanoid.WalkSpeed/16))

for _, obj in pairs(character:GetChildren()) do
if obj.Name:match("Foot") or obj.Name:match("Leg") then
obj.Touched:Connect(function()stepSound.Playing = true end)

I don’t think this will work but I think raycasting might.

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This is the one. Have a lookup table of the animation and footstep keyframe, hook it. Edit im doing something similar with my metaverse entry, i want players to use their animations, but want accurate sounds for each choice. The method @nicemike40 mentioned is epic because you can apply it to every avatar!

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its probably animation event on the run like adding animation event on the run and re uploading or its good timing