How to Make Forcefield Effect Appear Much More Often

Ok, so i wanted to make a supernova where the forcefield effect lasted a lot longer instead of disappearing, but I dont know how. Here was my attempt at it:, but as you see, it clearly failed.
Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Soul, quite simple really. just use:
and apply a timer to it for the time duration that you require and then set it back to the false boolean once the timer has completed

@Saintyboy2 The OP is referencing the “supernova” presented inside of the GIF on the post, which uses the Force Field Material. What you are referencing is the actual forcefield when a player spawns inside of any game, which is different from this.

For the question of this post, I don’t think you can change the duration or the speed of the effect it has with textures. Maybe try looking on the announcement for some information on the material.

Link: New material - ForceField (v2.0)


Ah - point taken desinied, i originally couldn’t open his link but now i see what you mean.

The 4th bullet about how the alpha channel controls the animations is probably what you’d want @ OP

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