How to make Frame position follow the rotation

So normally when you change the Y position on a frame it would go Vertical

but what I want to achieve is rotating the frame and the Y follows the original top part of the frame
so if it was 90 degrees it would go Horizontal

or if it was 180 if you added to the Y it would go up instead of down
so Y = 0 would be the bottom of the screen instead of the top

is this possible to do?

The short answer is yes. What you’re talking about is the difference between Object and World Space. I’m not sure if there’s a better way, but I’d say the easiest way would be to use CFrame for this as it has built-in object-space manipulation. But you’d have to convert between UDim2 and CFrame.

You may want to specify if you mean GUI frames or Part CFrame orientation as @MightyDantheman’s suggestions?

I was referring to using CFrame to determine the relative offset of the frame. You can use CFrame for more than just moving parts around. You’d just use only the X and Y axis, for example.

I actually did just that to calculate the adaptive ring menu for a project a long time ago:

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