How to make GFX Stuff like This:

Red = How to texture that?
Green = how to do that?
Purple = how to import that in to you gfx’s?
Also GFX made by @Wilylol Go check him hes really good at making gfx’s.

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To put it simply:

Red = Download some textures from Textures • Poly Haven or and apply them to some basic meshes

Green = Most likely a particle system using grass meshes or PNGs, try something like this: Tutorial: FAST Particle Grass | Blender For Beginners - YouTube

Purple = You can either model these yourself, or better yet download some free models from, or even better yet, your client may provide you with some models to use.

Hope this helps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It Probably will! thanks for the fast response btw!