How to make GIFS and VIDEOS on Roblox {FULL TUTORIAL}

It is possible, just any of them aren’t easy/unefficient, for example the topic that @Vlaskoz linked:

The one that @Vlaskoz linked is against the TOS.

Its even mentioned by the OP:

And the OP also mentioned that it should not be used in the real game, and it is an experiment.

Sprite sheets are definitely better than manually uploading every single frame. The quality thing is correct however you can just split the sprite sheets into multiple parts. This will improve the quality and will still be less work than manually uploading ALL.

TLDR: Split the sprite sheets into multiple parts

What if the sprite sheet converter does not offer this feature?

Unfortunately not many offer this feature as most are tailored for other things. You can attempt to find another one that lets you do this, or use ezgif to crop when the gif ends and then manually do it that way. Finally you could also make your own.

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ok cool, I guess I have to tediously cut the spritesheets, cool.

ok but this is seriously the only option


Note: this isnt the best way to do such a thing, Actually roblox scripters/devs are looking for a way to allow external videos to be played in game.

Take a look at JonYawn’s Video Player: Roblox Video Player

This rather than uploading it to roblox, uses videos turned into pixel color arrays (which is then sent on to roblox via HTTPService) to render each frame and turn it into a Video/GIF. The problem is that the current version of said video player is moderate-hard to setup and it isnt completely optimized.

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Make the link this, you have it linked to my post:

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Oopsie daysie, my mistake. Thanks for telling me!

Btw, i forgot to say, im currently trying to make my own roblox video player. But it uses things such as LZW compression for performance.

This seems super inefficient. Can’t you just upload a spritesheet and use slicing?

Slicing sprite-sheets is very annoying to do, And the quality drops down heavily when I have too many frames. Seriously, this is the only actual way to make long GIFS or Videos on roblox.


imagine how easy this would be if roblox just let his users post videos…

You’re telling me we have to upload each individual frame and possibly encounter a 429 (too many uploads) error in the process? Why do that we can upload a sprite sheet?

Read this post:


Not that I’m an impatient person, however I’d rather sacrifice some of the quality in favor of a faster and less-tedious process.

You’re basically saying:

Time > Quality

Yeah, if you can’t be patient, then development isn’t for you.


Nice, however the one image method is probably more convenient for most

I’ve been developing for over 5 years and have plenty of patience. I can be a patient person and still find uploading each individual frame of a GIF to be tedious.

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this is the only actual way to make long GIFS or Videos on roblox.

Wouldn’t using slicing AND multi-frames be more efficient? like, if you have a 360p gif, you could fit 9 frames into each uploaded slice, cutting down upload time by 9 times as much as your method uses. I feel like it depends on the resolution of the gif/video you’re aiming for. If you want full quality 1080p video, then individual frames is fine, but if you have a lower resolution image to begin with, then slicing is the way to go.

edit: if anyone wants me to make a script that can load slice+multi upload lmk, i’ll add it to the thread ItzDaSniperz linked