How to make grass effects?

How do i add my own grass effects to my meshes / parts? (Like the built in roblox terrain grass)
Is there any easy non laggy way to add grass? If there is please let me know!


Non laggy? no. but you could use the model brush plugin to spread your own grass model in an area, this could work for small scale builds or a garden but if youre looking to replace a large area then it will lag your game to the point its unplayable



I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I stumbled upon this a couple of days ago. You can take a look if you want. Wind Shake: High Performance Wind Effect For Leaves & Foliage (by boatbomber)

Hopefully this is of use to you. :slight_smile:

Edit: Just re-read the question, if you were looking for a way to add ‘still’ grass effectively I would agree with @budmomo


I was just looking for a way to add grass to my meshes and such although that will be very helpful with grass i was gonna use it for my trees but now i cna use it for my grass thanks for mentioning that!

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I know this is a late response ive been building alot but should the grass be 2d or 3d?

For the model brush? as long as its a model/part it can be painted down, visuals wise? if its 2d you need to make it face the camera but if its 3d it will cause more lag

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Well how do i make it face the camera? Because 2d is easy and still looks good.

The only non laggy way to add grass is by letting the client render it based on whether the grass is within the humanoid’s radius.

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I have no idea how to do that if you can give me some info on how that would be nice!

Beams or Billboard guis and check the face camera property.

Hi @spydercam500 The Best Grass effect which does less to lag it is definitely terrain roblox grass
however you can directly create meshes if you you know how to create mesh, or take inspiration from some model made in the toolbox.

Roblox also made a Nature pack very realistic, you can get it here: Forest Pack - Roblox