How to make gun bots like in counter strike?

I want to make a fighting gun bot like in counter strike. I have no idea how I will go about doing this. But this is definitely possible though, I remember seeing a video of this kind of bot in Roblox (I forgot the title unfortunately), and ever since then I have always wanted to make something like that myself.

How can I go about doing this?

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umm… very hard even for advanced scripters

You’ll need to use A.I to learn the player movement/Aim
Then you need to train the A.I for A lot of time

You’ll need to make the A.I show the output in the player character

And also saving the A.I

I Recommend using Neural Network Library (Obsolete) For This

Very hard thought

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You need to get tons of experience with AI to achieve something like this, the code would probably be loooong and very complicated.

@wastemanty23 @HackItsGood

I guess my best bet for now is to start simple and make a simple bot with a chain of if/else statements.

I found the game by the way, its called Recoil which has bots. The bots are pretty basic and probably could be achieved using if/else statements.

Then later I will have to learn to make my own pathfinding, make a navigation mesh… polygons, AI, neural networks. The road is long, but I will eventually reach the end.

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Exactly, I wish you good luck with your project! Have fun scripting!

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