How to make guns proportional?

I’m just here to ask for tips on how to make guns more proportional to Roblox characters.

More specifically, take these two images for example:

Clearly the 2nd shotgun already just looks too long, but as I build guns large and shrink them down afterwards, it’s very difficult for me to tell if it’s actually out of proportion while I’m building it. The 1st shotgun is, believe or not, not proportional to a Roblox character’s arms, even though it looks like it should be.

I’ve already considered:

  • Occasionally downsizing the gun as I build to check it against a character’s arms. However, this is very tedious and requires a lot of time.

Any tips would be helpful. Also, I’m asking this as a general question (for both R15 and R6), but if you have any tips specifically towards R6 characters that would help even more, since the game is using that model.

Thanks in advance!

Enlarge a Robloxian to the same scale as your large guns.

If you always build at the same scale then make a small rough template that’s proportional to a Robloxian and scale it up comparing your large gun build to the scaled up rough template.


I do it by bullet caliber. It’s the diameter of the inside of the main firing barrel. Super easy from there.


I find that trying to get guns to fit well with R6 arm length usually just ends up with short looking guns (imo anyway) which is alright for some gun types but for things like sniper rifles, assault rifles and etc, it’ll just be weird. It’s even worse for people trying to make realistic modern guns since those weapons are actually pretty long.

Most people just accept that you won’t be able to get it to fit perfectly so they just put up with the stock being deep in your character’s shoulder for example, or the arms having to detach to reach the mag/foregrip.

You could avoid this issue by making a 1st person shooter or make your own custom character that is more realistic to human proportions like in Prison Break.

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