How to make HingeConstraint stop spinning in a certain spot after a certain wait period

I am working on spinning a ring around that will later have some lasers shooting out of it onto the player. However, I do not know how to make it so after the spinning is done the ring ends up back at the start position.

Start Position:

(Notice ring is lined up with the right and left edges of the platform.

End Position:

(Notice ring is not lined up with platform)

Spin code:

function SpinRing()
   TweenService:Create(HingeConstraint,, {AngularVelocity = 50}):Play()
   TweenService:Create(HingeConstraint,, {AngularVelocity = 0}):Play()

Just tweened it back into place rather than trying to do anything with the HingeConstraint.

TweenService:Create(Ring.TweenPart,, {CFrame = MutatorFolder.RingDefault.CFrame}):Play()